6 commandments of Pixili

The principles we swear by.


Make excellent work

We set the bar high for ourselves and get a kick out of surpassing ourselves. We listen to your wishes and do everything to fulfil them with best possible results.


Delightful concepts

150g creativity, 50g inspiration mix well with 100g research. Baking at 360 degrees in our technical oven, finishing a pinch of magic. That's our recipe for the perfect idea for your project.


Never stop learning and experimenting

We are extremely inquisitive and at home in many fields. Our offering within the digital and creative world is incredibly broad but also deep. We offer products the find nowhere else, let alone at the same studio.


Top-Notch Support

Providing good support is one of the core values of our company. We are there for all your questions and problems have know-how to solve them.


Tell visually

Telling the core of your message at a glance? Communicating so quickly and effectively can only be done with images.


Value for money

We always try to price our services and products fairly. We respect your budget and work within those limits.

What does Studio Pixili do?

At its core, Studio Pixili is a creative organisation that aims to make the world a little more beautiful and magical.

We have a wide range of services divided into five departments that, in their own way and technology, conjure up the most beautiful creations in the digital or real world.

The department can work for you individually or together to offer you a creative answer to your problem, with appropriate experience.

Do you dream of a new website, 3D animation, experience in printed or virtual form, video promoting your product idea on social media, or a new corporate identity or mix of these ingredients for your next advertising campaign?

Studio Pixili is ready to bring your wishes to life.


Where is Studio Pixili based?

Physically we have a makerspace in the heart of Poperinge, digitally we are everywhere. We believe in both creative freedom and the fact that what you do and the work you deliver is much more important than where and who you were born.

Moreover, we spread ourselves not only all over Flanders, but all over the world.

Now you always have a point of contact, and the advantage is that if you want to meet physically and you happen not to live near Poperinge, maybe one of us lives closer and can come to you. If that doesn’t work, we can always communicate fully digitally.

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