6 commandments of Pixili

The principles we swear by.


Make excellent work

We continuously raise the bar for ourselves, finding great satisfaction in exceeding our own expectations. Your wish is Pixili's top priority, and we strive to deliver the best possible results, going above and beyond to fulfill them!


Delightful concepts

150 grams of creativity, 50 grams of inspiration, mixed well with 100 grams of research. Baking at 360 degrees in our technical oven and finishing with a pinch of magic. That's our recipe for the perfect project.


Never stop learning and experimenting

Never afraid to try something new, our quest for knowledge has led us to explore many creative fields. The wisdom gained along the way has made our offerings within the digital and creative world both broad and unique. It has also empowered us to create products and services that can't be found anywhere else, let alone at the same studio.


Tell visually

Pixili wants to share your magic with the world in the best way possible and has found that there is no faster or more captivating way than through (moving) images.


Top-Notch Support

Offering good support is one of our company's core values. We are there for all your questions and problems and have the know-how to solve them.


Value for money

We always try to price our services and products fairly. We respect your budget and work within those limits.

What does Pixili do?

At its core, Pixili is a creative organisation that wants to make the world a little more creative and magical.

We have a wide range of services divided into five departments that, in their own way and technology, conjure up the most beautiful creations in the digital or real world.

The departments can work for you individually or together to provide a creative answer to your problem.

Are you dreaming of a new website, a cool 3D animation, a fantastic corporate identity, or simply a unique experience in 3D printed or virtual form?
Or a mix of all those ingredients for your next advertising campaign?

Pixili is ready to bring your wishes to life.


Where is Pixili based?

Pixili is a digital-first company.

Physically we have a studio in the heart of Poperinge, digitally we are everywhere.

We therefore spread ourselves not only all over Flanders, but all over the world.
We believe in both creative freedom and the fact that what you do and the work you deliver are much more important than where you were born and where you want to live.

The same goes for our clients! Do you like our work but don’t live in Belgium? No problem, feel free to contact us!
We accept clients from all over the world, and as a company with so much technical experience, we have the tools to make this run smoothly.

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