Baby Yeti Pixel Box (3D print STL)

The Simia Nivis or Baby Yeti Pixel Box. A mysterious gem in our collection of Pixel Animals



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Discover the enchanting world of the Baby Yeti Pixel Box

A unique and mysterious gem in our collection. This charming storage box combines the playful innocence of a young Yeti with the functionality of our standard Pixel Box format. With its adorable, sturdy appearance and cleverly designed horns, the Baby Yeti is the perfect blend of practicality and whimsical charm.

Why the Baby Yeti Will Steal Your Heart:

  • 🌟 Rare Appearance: The Baby Yeti Pixel Box appears only sporadically in our shop and may disappear without warning, making each availability a special event. Don’t miss your chance to acquire this rare treasure!
  • 🔑Practical and Playful: The Baby Yeti’s horns aren’t just cute, they’re functional too! Use them to hang your keys, jewelry, or other small accessories.
  • ğŸŽ¨ Customizable Design: Like all of our models, the STL files for the Baby Yeti Pixel Box are available at a reduced price. Personalize it to your liking, combine it with other Pixel Box elements, or give it a unique color twist.
  • 🐵 Collect Them All: The Baby Yeti is part of our growing family of Pixel Box primates, including the Gorilla, the Monkey, and the Orangutans. Each with their own unique charm and special features, making them beloved collectibles.

Smart Storage for Creative Creatures

  • Ultimate combination of Function and Beauty: Our Pixel Pots are real eye-catchers, designed to be beautiful without sacrificing functionality. Use them as a flower pot, pen holder, piggy bank, or for everyday storage, and thanks to their ample support for accessories, they are also perfect for very specific organization needs.
  • Personal Touch: Choose from a growing collection of unique Pixel Pot characters and 3D-printable accessories. Create the perfect storage solution that perfectly matches your style, organizational needs, and personality.
  • Minimalist, Child and Dyslexia-friendly Design: Our visual system makes labels unnecessary. You don’t need to read to find what you’re looking for. Pixel Pots are clear and easy to recognize, with optional labels for those who want them.
  • Collectible Art with Value: Every purchase supports our studio and helps us grow the Pixel Pots family. Artworks from growing studios often increase in value. That’s why we also sign and number each authentic version, which, in addition to our excellent finish, proves the authenticity of physical versions. We see each Pixel Pot as a functional piece of art with its own story, which will never be the case with your standard storage boxes.
  • DIY Fun: Pixel Pots are delivered disassembled for a smaller ecological footprint. Putting them together is super simple and, according to our fans on social media, even satisfying!
  • 3D Printable + Gridfinity Compatible: The Pixel Pots we sell in our shop are 3D-printed products, finished and produced with a lot of craftsmanship and hand finishing. But all Pixel Pot Characters are 100% 3D printable. We sell the digital files, and some of those files are even free. Plus, for 3D printing fans, the Pixel Pots are designed to support the Gridfinity system (a collection of thousands of open-source storage accessories) in various ways!

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Q and A

Your Questions answered

  • Q: Can I try before I buy?
    Absolutely! The blank Pixel Box is completely free (as are a few other models), and all other boxes are sold separately, allowing you to create the storage world you want.
  • Q: Are these Pixel Boxes built to last?
    We’ve strived to create a product that’s beautiful, functional, and durable. The cube is an inherently strong and efficient shape, and a Pixel Box printed in PLA can easily hold the weight of an average person. So yes, they’re durable!
  • Q: Are these Pixel Boxes eco-friendly?
    Yes, we definitely think so. In our eyes, it’s a guilt-free 3D print. Not only does 3D printing save on shipping emissions, but you can use, and most of us do, PLA, which is one of the more eco-friendly plastics. The design itself is also protected from print failures, as even a half-printed Pixel Box is still a usable tray. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a “toy” that’s boredom-proof, combating one of the biggest contributors to waste. Even as your interests change, the fact that it’s a box you can store things in will never change.
  • Q: Can I customize the Pixel? What exactly makes it modular?
    Absolutely! One of the core ideas behind our Pixel is the ability to create storage that’s truly your own. The boxes support the Gridfinity storage system, which opens it up to thousands of 3D-printable accessories. The base pixels are stackable, and the high-resolution files can be scaled up or down without issue. You can even make them fit into each other like Russian dolls. Each box file is sold separately, so you can choose the characters you vibe with the most. And, of course, the ability to 3D print means you can choose your own color scheme.
  • Q: What file format are these models in?
    The models are in STL format, and also include 3MF files compatible with most 3D printing software and slicers.
  • Q: What type of 3D printing are these models best suited for?
    Primarily designed for FDM (filament) 3D printing. In our studio, we sometimes also use SLA (resin) printing for smaller details like eyes to make them extra glossy and shiny. However, this isn’t necessary at all, as all parts of the Pixel Boxes are prototyped on FDM 3D printers.
  • Q: What printer are these models designed for?
    No specific printer is required. They are designed to work with all 3D printers. However, some Pixel Boxes have click-in-place parts, which require the printer to be fairly accurate. This means the printer does need to be accurate, something every 3D printer is capable of but may require some calibration tests and print settings. However, most 3D printers, especially modern ones like the Bambulab series (we use), are extremely accurate out of the box without any effort.
  • Q: Do I need to add supports when printing?
    It depends. Most parts don’t require supports, but some do. In all cases, we’ve designed these models to require the least amount of support necessary, even separating files so they can be oriented to avoid the need for supports.
  • Q: How big is a Pixel Box?
    The standard Pixel Box file is 10 x 10 x 10 cm. Some may vary, if so, it’s clearly stated on the product page. We are working on bigger and smaller versions. Since these are 3D printed, you can scale them up or down. We’ve tested this on our printers, and the clicking parts should still work even when scaled quite drastically.
  • Q: How exactly does Pixel Boxes support Gridfinity?
    Inside a Pixel Box fits perfectly a 2×2 Gridfinity grid. We even made a fun, free caddy so you can lift contents in and out easily and stack things on top. We realize you may have an external Gridfinity system, and your existing 2×2 items will fit inside. But, since a 2×2 grid itself can’t fit into a 2×2 grid, we also make a ton of 3×3 trays that act like little gardens your pixel character can roam into. We love the Gridfinity system and its open-source nature, which makes our Pixel Boxes more useful than ever, not only competing with but eclipsing what mass manufacturers can do. We, therefore, plan to expand Gridfinity support even more, thinking of making tiny 1×1 versions of our characters. BTW, all accessories supporting Gridfinity that we design will always be available for free to download.
  • Q: What type of material do you recommend?
    It doesn’t really matter. We use PLA, and the box can already hold the weight of a human. Specific color recommendations can be found in the more model-specific Q&A.
  • Q: What can I do with these files?
    These files are primarily intended for personal use. You can also give them as a gift or have someone else print them for you. Remixing is allowed and even encouraged, as long as you provide attribution and ensure the work is sufficiently different. That’s perfectly OK with us. We’re just a small studio wanting to grow, and we try hard to not ruin the fun. We understand the 3D printing community values openness and open-source, but we also believe artists should be paid for their work and protect themselves. We charge for files for that reason, and don’t allow reselling, using for AI training, or re-uploading for free. All these uses require a commercial license. Feel free to contact Pixili if you’re interested.
  • Q: How are Pixel Boxes dyslexia-friendly?
    As someone with dyslexia, I developed this system along with my love for character design to fill a gap. Clear boxes are just too chaotic, showing how messy I really am. And labels are small, hard to read and write, especially if you have dyslexia. Our visual system makes labels unnecessary. You don’t need to read to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a dog, cat, or monkey. Pixel Boxes are organized and easily recognizable, with optional labels we call name badges for those who want them.
  • Q: How are Pixel Boxes kid-friendly?
    They look cute, are fun little characters, and are essentially toys to store things in, potentially making clean-up part of the fun. They also fit in with pixel trends popular with kids (of all ages!), like Minecraft. However, please note that Pixel Boxes can currently contain small parts and require assembly and glue, which isn’t ideal for (very) young children. We’re experimenting with kid-friendly one-piece designs, and some digital downloads include them. Know that we do consider them art pieces, so we ask parents or guardians to be safe, read the safety disclaimer, and decide for themselves if it’s right for their child.
  • Q: How much filament does 1 Pixel Box use?
    An average 10x10x10 Pixel Box uses between 100-150 grams of filament, depending on the model.
  • Q: What are the recommended print settings for Pixel Boxes?
    Pixel Boxes are designed to be easy 3D prints. We recommend using a 15% infill for optimal strength and efficiency. In most cases, the standard layer height settings you use for other prints should work perfectly. For the best aesthetic results, consider setting the seam position to the back.
  • Q: Do you offer any kind of warranty or customer support for the digital files?
    We’ve got your back! As always, smiles are guaranteed. If you encounter any issues, please check out our no-nonsense return policy, where we delve into the complexities of digital file returns and explain why we offer this unique guarantee.
  • Q: What if I have questions about the files or printing process?
    Feel free to contact us anytime! We’re happy to help.
  • Q: How can I stay updated on new designs and enhancements?
    Stay in the loop by following us on social media! Be the first to know about the latest news, updates, enhancements, and new additions to the Pixel Box family.

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