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The CSS Zen Garden is something of a baptism of fire for web designers and one of the first internet challenges for web developers.
You are given an HTML page and have to make it beautiful with CSS ONLY.

It is forbidden to touch the HTML document.

CSS-Zen-Garden mockup

This was our attempt of a CSS Zen Garden. As you can see, we took inspiration from the name Zen Garden and interpreted it as a Japanese restaurant.

It also shows that our love for character design has been there since the early days, as this design is now more than 15 years old.
But today, our character design is flourishing more than ever in our own product line and art project, Pixipop.

In 2022, you can no longer enter the official CSS Zen Garden Challenge. The csszengarden.com website still exists, but at the moment it seems a bit abandoned. In its heyday, the CSS Zen Garden website’s stylesheet changed almost weekly due to new entries.

It is sad that it is no longer maintained. It was a great way to showcase the power of CSS.

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