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CSS-Zen-Garden mockup

The CSS Zen Garden one of first internet challenges for web designers.

You get a blank HTML page and need to make it pretty with ONLY CSS. It is forbidden to touch the HTML document.

This was CSS Zen Garden from Studio Pixili as you can see we took inspiration from the Zen Garden and interpreted as a the name Japanse Restaurant.
It also shows our love for character design is been with us since the early days. Since this design now is many year old.

In 2023, you still can do CSS Zen Garden Challenge. csszengarden.com still exists seems at least at this moment the website seems bit abandoned.
But in is hay-day, the CSS Zen Garden website where the stylesheet is changed daily by a new submission.

It’s sad that not longer maintained. It was amazing way to show the power off CSS, by continuously showing different very different web designs, who all share the some HTML code.


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