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The client wanted a Corporate Identity and Web Design for a discount code project created to make it easier for people to find the best deals, while giving them the chance to save as much money as possible. The mission of this project is not only to save money, but also to allow people to get great discounts when shopping online or buying anything. is the direct successor of, and feels from the success of Knack’s discount code project and Le Vif. All projects designed and developed by Studio Pixili.


We have years of experience with this type of website and have managed to develop a user experience that works. Both TagCity and are(are) among the biggest Belgian players. The hope is to do the same with

The corporate identity

The corporate identity just like web design is clean, warm and eye-catching with red as the main colour because it is striking and linked to bargains and orange and green as accent colours.

Deep Carmine


Princeton Orange


Lemon Lime


Alabaster Beige


After some brainstorming and experimentation, it turned out that the two O’s in the word “discount code” of “discount” and “code” were very close. So with a clever typographical trick, I was able to create semi-hidden % (think of the arrow in the FedEx logo).

Kortingscode logo

That is very top passable because, A discount code and % are inextricably linked in my opinion.

Then the frame around the price tag/voucher seems like a nod to its predecessor TagCity, where the logo was a price tag combined with a location symbol.
The price tag can also be used as an arrow.

You also have two versions of the logo: the large and the smaller version.


The Tag

The most important and widely used element on discount code sites. We have experimented and tested a lot with it. Through years, we have perfected this element. We learned that less is more, you need to keep the element recognisable and highlight the discount percentage.

Also, a visual hierarchy is important so that not all tags look the same.

UI design element


One user element I want to highlight is the frequently asked questions. We took a cool approach to that by visualising it as a dialogue.

Again, a nod to TagCity, the avatar used for the questioner is Tagy, the mascot of

faq UI design element

Newsletter optin

When designing the opt-in module, I made sure it was visually appealing. The simple animations I incorporated into it could help attract attention and hopefully drive more sign-ups.

Super nice job! Quite the corporate identity and Web design we were looking for, thanks :D it's very good as usual!


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