Music video production for Folk, Country and Roots band Ashling

muziekvideo to grow

2017 saw the release of Belgian Folk, Country and Roots band Ashling’s debut album “Tales of Another World”. Following this, a series we made with director and band member Dimitri Desmet included a Music video production ’s to promote their album.

For both Dimitri Desmet and Studio Pixili, this was not our first music video production. Studio Pixili has produced videos before and these have also featured in some of our other video projects. Before this, Dimitri Desmet directed several clips for other bands and also regularly documented events.

Nevertheless, we didn’t make it easy on ourselves and we pulled out all the stops in terms of production for the debut single “To Grow”.

On our heaviest day of filming, there were 20 extras, a professional make-up artist, a real set and professional actor Martin Swabey. He has a long list of IMDB credits. ( To this day, we still find it hard to believe we managed to do all that.

After “To Grow”, we got the hang of it, and shortly afterwards we made another video on a smaller scale.

Finally, we made a third video that seems more informative than ‘To Grow’ or ‘Never Too Late’.

The clip was well received by their fans. Once again big applause goes to Dimitri, as he was the driving force behind this project as director. Studio Pixili was happy to help bring his vision to life.

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