Warm, Organic and Cosy Web Design for Local dog grooming salon from Poperinge - 't Verwende Nest

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This cosy Web Design for Dog Salon from Poperinge. ’t Verwende Nest is a dog hotel and grooming salon located in Poperinge. Who was looking for a functional, simple, responsive website with a focus on an appropriate layout and a unique atmosphere. So that without saying a word you know what the business stands for. Studio Pixili does Web design Poperinge among other things in Poperinge but also offers a complete package of web, brand & 3D services. Plus we have own product line Pixipop .

A website you come to and immediately feel at home or safe. The client’s keywords perfectly matched this. Warmth, Organic, Cosiness and of course Love for animals

Warm, Organisch en Gezellig Web Design
Mobiele navigatie
algemene pagina

The web does not exactly have a reputation for being a warm, organic and cosy place. Consequently, modern web design can often be kill, cold and sleek.

At Studio Pixili, however, we focus more on atmosphere and client demand than on what is trendy at the time. So we create brands that are timeless and fit the client’s brief.

A beautiful, organic look with warm elements and a reference to dogs.

The approach

We started looking for a way to create atmosphere. We discovered that using as many organic elements as possible creates a warm atmosphere.

The first step was to choose colours that were organic. Sometimes you don’t have to look long for and particular colour palette, and the colour palette is in the name. So I chose a range of brown and beige tones that would be found in a nest. Contrast is achieved through different shades.

American Bronze


Pastel Gray




Handwritten fonts are beautiful, but in long texts they can be difficult to read. Therefore, we used them sparingly and where necessary.
Moreover, we found that they worked very well in combination with a monospaced font, especially known from typewriters and extremely legible.

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