The Physical Chess Game starring the Pixipops chess characters.

Koning en koningin uit het pixipop schaakspel

Here at PixiPop we ❤️ chess. It is why one of the first Pixipop projects is a chess set.
Chess represents both storytelling and deep complex strategies.
So a unique blend of engineering, education and art. 1 for 1 core values of Pixili.

A Unique Twist.

Our physical chess game also offers a unique way of playing where a pawn can become the king. You actually execute a coup already decided to do this and the monarchy then becomes a democracy. This offers an additional opportunity to escape checkmate. Now you do have to sacrifice your king, take away his crown and give it to one of your pawns without changing its position. From then on, that pawn is king and if you lose it, you do lose the game completely.

We designed the chess board on this page, but that was just the beginning. The chess family have made a lasting impression on us.
You’ll find their characters all over this website, and we set a goal to make at least 1 full-fledged art toy out of every character in the game.

We are sharing this process on social media in video form, so be sure to follow us on TikTok or YouTube and Instagram.

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