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Intelligent mobiel was a campaign website that wants to raise awareness and encourage Ghent residents to vote on the subject of the new circulation plan in Ghent, which could have a major impact on the daily lives of many residents.

The question for us was to develop a stylish campaign site within a very short time, which ensures that as many people as possible vote in the referendum.

It was also important that the site was educational, so that the people of Ghent knew what the new circulation plan entailed and what the consequences would be for them.

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The challenge

The goal of the campaign was clear, but the challenge was time constraints. This website had to be delivered within a very short time. From design to developed website, we had only 14 days.

The client came to us at the last minute after months of struggling and substandard results at another agency. That agency eventually gave up and dropped this client, but the press conference that marked the launch of the campaign was within 14 days and they had little to present. On the fourteenth day, when it had to be finished, it really had to be finished! There really was no extra time allowed.

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The approach

Most Studios would call you crazy with such a short timeline. Pixili doesn’t.

For this type of assignment, Pixili has a process that allows us to develop and design perfect professional websites at breakneck speed. We do not achieve this top speed by using templates or other ready-made solutions.
Campaign sites often receive a lot of media attention and can therefore receive a huge amount of internet traffic at the same time. These types of ready-made solutions are often very heavy and made for low traffic campaign and therefore not suitable for this type of site.

We have developed a website that features fully customized user elements. These elements include a call-to-action that consistently highlights the main objectives. .

Fast and high-quality? How do we do that? By dedicating someone in our studio to that task for this period. We ask you as a customer to trust that person and our knowledge of both design and development.

We also sit together as little as possible, here only 1 time at the start, where we immediately make clear agreements and work them out concretely. In the end, you get exactly what you aksed, no surprises, no useless meetings.

In short, no lost time. Pixili works quickly and purposefully.

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Even with this tight deadline, we still had some time left to design a few more banners using high-quality stock photos combined with our Photoshop skills. This was something on the wishlist of our client but only needed to be executed if there was enough time.

Disclaimer: this website is no longer live. As the title says, this was a campaign site. When the campaign is over and the goal is reached, it is normal for this type of website to be taken down.

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