Successful Facebook Advertising Website One page Website gathered many quality full leads for Center Parcs Real Estate

investeren zonder zorgen branding

The client asked us to design a facebook advertising website. It had to be a one page website that would generate real estate leads through Facebook. The partner in question here is Center Parcs, but possible collaboration with other partners on the same page should also be possible. To do this, we had to create a mini-brand that was completely separate from We came up with the Invest without worries brand.

Invest without worries is a subsidiary project of , which is also a Studio Pixili project.

This assignment arose from the potential for a unique collaboration with Center Parcs. Many people know that Center Parcs is one of the biggest players in the tourism sector, not that this company also sells real estate. They are the owners of these properties, and although most are rented out to tourists, they are always managed by the company. They share this profit with buyers, making this type of property very interesting as an investment.

Investeren zonder zorgen

The Approach

This website was a lead magnet, not necessarily in (just) volume but in quality. Which focused on education, inspiration and credibility. We made sure there were beautiful photos. Photos are of the most important tools in online sales, and often the trigger to get people to read your text. This text is concise, easy to read and contains important information.

She learned that properly informing users led to quality leads, as requests really came from interest, not just a catchy headline. This headline is necessary to get users to the first place on the page;

Screenshot mobiel Facebook Reclame Campagne website
Screenshot mobiel Facebook Reclame Campagne website
Screenshot mobiel Facebook Reclame Campagne website

The success of this website is multi-faceted. We made sure the website exuded confidence, was a good investment, and as the name suggests, one without worries. But there is also a risk of people thinking it is a scam.

Especially since it involves large sums of money, what the page sells a product from a big name but not on that name’s official website and the fact that promotion through facebook advertising websites unfortunately also sometimes promotes scams.

Now a combination of good images, focus on informing and less on selling.

In our opinion, our optin strategy also played a big role. The first barrier to becoming a lead was low, you get your bundle of “extra info” by sharing your name and e-mail address. Now in the second step, we make something more binding by asking for address details to make a no-obligation personal appointment.

The fact that they had received a lot of professional-looking information with them since the first step convinced the sceptical user that we were credible.It made people feel comfortable enough to share their address, which is pretty sensitive information anyway, with us. The social implication that an appointment could be linked to it also made these leads of very high quality.

What, when and how you ask on a website is very important. You can read that it makes the difference time and again in many of our cases.

We call this web strategy; we see it a bit like playing chess with our users. You have to think about what they are and are not likely to do, and it is often a matter of thinking a few steps ahead to checkmate them.

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