Child-friendly Website design with Magical character design - Send a Wish

Kind vriendelijk mascotte Wishy

The client wanted a child-friendly website design, to launch a Flemish version of the famous Cameo website / app. Where fans can request a personalised video of their favourite celebrity.

Child-friendly design is one of our specialities with projects like Decifood, TagCity and, of course, our own Pixipop. These websites are, of course, also for adults, but we have a greater emphasis on making things child-friendly, as the content in this app is intended for them.

However, this was not a copy of cameo; they would target a younger audience and their parents, who could then give such a video as a very special gift. Both the idols and the website are therefore very child-friendly.

In addition, the aim was to do good by donating all proceeds to charities that users of the app could choose.

SendAWish and Pixili were a very good match. Many of our values are similar. Just our names alone are both magical. Pixili is a pun on the word ‘pixel’ but also on ‘pixie’ a kind of fairy. So our own work is very much inspired by fairytales, myths and other magical things.

In addition, the client was a big fan of pixipop and our own branding and corporate identity.

Now, in our branding, the magical aspect is sometimes a bit more hidden beneath the surface.

Here, we may, no, must, put magic front and centre.

Screenshot header illustratie

What is a Magical design?

So the website needed to feel magical. It starts with a good colour palette of pastels.

Purple Mountain Majesty


Pastel blue




But for us in this project, we landed on things with a certain charm.

That are mundane but give that inexplicable feeling of hope, happiness and inspiration.

Like a paper aeroplane with a sweet message from someone dear.

A released balloon to send your love to someone who lives in heaven.
Stars at sunset or just a handwritten letter.

Screenshot webdesign mobiel
Screenshot webdesign navigatie mobiel
Screenshot webdesign donatie pagina mobiel

Kid-friendly design

It’s no secret that our own pixipop style is kid-friendly and, that’s one aspect we took extra advantage of here. Since, again, the target audience here was younger. Young people tend to be more creative, hopeful, and believe in magic more. So, we think this is why Pixipop catches on with them. Magic and creativity are what both Pixili and Pixipop stand for. But we also want to clarify that Pixipops are there for everyone, so one of our brand elements is deliberately a spectrum to symbolize this.

As mentioned before, the customer was a big fan of Pixipop and wanted a mascot in that style. After some brainstorming, they quickly came up with a star because that fits their app very well. Celebrities are sometimes called stars and, it is said that if you see a shooting star you can make a wish.

They also wanted a logo but when proposing the mascot, I suggested making the mascot the logo. Our simple style made this perfectly possible, and the client loved the mascot immensely and thus that idea.

The company behind SendAWish underwent a drastic restructuring, and the development of this app, along with a host of other apps was sadly cancelled. Now that reality does not take away from the fact, that the client was extremely happy with our delivery.

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