STOP MOTION COOKING: Earth for Dessert (2010)

EARTH FOR DESSERT (2010), A dish 4.54 billion years in the making.

Some History About Our Stop Motion Cooking Video

Welcome, take a seat and let me take you back to 2010/2011.

Back then, there was much talk about a prediction the Mayans made that the world would end in 2012.

A group of my school friends and I were inspired by Stop Motion Cooking for a school assignment. We decided to create a real-life Stop Motion Cooking video using nothing more than pancakes, a pack of sugar, and a cellphone camera.

In our video, we meticulously orchestrated every detail, from preparing the ingredients to executing an accurate representation of the world: a pancake for the Earth, the sun as a glass of orange juice, and a tiny jar of whipped cream as the moon.

This is why the video isn’t in 4K; it’s of lower quality, we just did not have a budget back then. But if it gets over 1000 likes, I’ll consider remaking it!

It still holds a special place in our hearts, and it earned us an A+ and was showcased in front of the entire class as an example of what the assignment should be.

Among very few other assignments, this one left a lasting impression on us. To this day, we both have a deep love for stop motion and food, and you can see that passion reflected in our art.

Along with our version, we wanted to give a brief history of other magical Stop Motion Cooking videos and compilations.

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