Online business card for window dresser Myriam D.

etalagiste website mockup

A website is your online business card the most important digital marketing tool for any business.

It is where customers go to find out more about your business, what you do and how you do it. Which website you need is often strongly related to what you do. Sometimes it is important for your website to have many pages, like a webshop to achieve its purpose and sometimes as in the case.

Shop window/stylist Delaere Myriam, an online business card with a large photo gallery showing her work and her contact details was enough.

A clean design based on a colour orange she loved. Finally, of course, clearly mention contact details so visitors know how to reach her. To create website for her that met all her needs.

Luminous orange


Solid White


Now it’s not surprising that one window on her website is enough. Finally, Delaere Myriam is a top window display/stylist and we thought it was perfectly fitting that her website is a window display like window displays that work with so much passion.

Our portfolio is full of very complex projects, especially now that you don’t rely on search engines to find customers, or if you have a niche where competition is low. But you can keep everything surprisingly simple and still achieve everything you want.

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