The Adventurer, Personalised Pixipop Art Toy as a gift

De Avonturier, Gepersonaliseerde Pixipop Art Toy als cadeau

This Pixipop character design and in-house made personalized art toy is a special gift for the adventurer and goldsmith Joke.
Pixipop celebrates all the things that are magical in this world. One of those magical things is definitely traveling.

Discovering new cultures, monuments, museums, landscapes, food. They are all big and small miracles.

The character design is a variant of the Pixipop Explorers, whose original design and idea are based on our head pixels Grandma. She was a passionate traveler who shared the world with others through numerous photos and countless fantastic stories.

Joke , shared that passion, she was said to like camping and traveling, skiing and has been taking goldsmithing lessons for 10 years. They also gave a picture of her, taken at a special moment on a long-awaited trip. We got to work with all those things that make Jokewho she is and used that as inspiration for the personalized art toy that you see on this page.

We gave her the same poze as in the picture but we also looked at other details in her favorite photo. Like the fact that she wore sunglasses on her head, and had a camera around her neck and had her cell phone in her hand. But we replaced the mobile phone with a walkie talkie since that fit better into the story.
I combined this with elements that were not in the photo, but that fit Joke perfectly, such as the large camping backpack with skis and hiking poles on each side. And as a finishing touch, we painted the entire statue gold to honor her other passion as a goldsmith.

We also gave her a pixel friend, a monkey named Suzanne, which she picked up in one of her many trips and now the 2 are inseparable.

You can read more about the pixel-shaped creatures in one of our other art toy projects, the Pixipots

But briefly these pixels are the original Pixipops and yes, this Pixipop happens to be a monkey, from which we are descended according to Darwin. Pure coincidence. For us, this Pixipop is more of a nod to our favorite software, Blender. Where this is actually a fusion of the blender monkey and the default cube that comes standard with every new blender file.

We didn’t stop at a single figurine either. We know that the perfect packaging makes the experience extra special and complete.

De Avonturier, Gepersonaliseerde Pixipop Art Toy als cadeau

We came up with the idea to put the statue in a suitcase. But not just any suitcase, we were looking for something unique. Not too modern, or brand new from the store. But something that had a life, and has potentially seen the whole world .

Because then the packaging also fits the story of our figurine. we scoured thrift stores and found this unique suitcase to put the figurine in.
Joke was very happy with her own personalized art toy and gave it a special place in her souvenir cabinet.

“Joke, The Adventurer” is part of the very special gifts from Pixipop.
Where we design a Pixipop Art Toy on request that puts your special someone in the spotlight

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