The Adventurer, Personalised Pixipop Art Toy as a gift

De Avonturier, Gepersonaliseerde Pixipop Art Toy als cadeau
De Avonturier, Gepersonaliseerde Pixipop Art Toy als cadeau

This Pixipop character design and home-made personalised art toy is a special gift for adventurer and goldsmith Joke.

Joke, who was said to love camping and travelling, loves to read and has been taking goldsmith classes for 10 years.”

They also gave this picture of her because it was a special moment that had finally arrived after a long-awaited journey.

We got to work with all those things that make a Joke, a Joke and used that as inspiration for this personalised art toy that sees on this page.

We also gave her pixel friend, a monkey named Suzanne, which she picked up in one of her many trips and now its unseparable.

Pixels and all its variants are the first Pixipops, from which all other Pixipops evolved.

You can read more about it on the in one of our other art toy projects the Pixipots.
And Yes this Pixipop happens to be a monkey, which Darwin says we are descended from, now it is just 1 of the many variants of pixels.
Now that know if visited the Pixipots page ;).

For us, this Pixipop is more of a nod to our favourite software, Blender. Where this is actually a fusion of the Blender monkey and the default cube that comes by default with every new Blender file.

We didn’t stop at a single figurine either. We also know that gift wrapping can make the experience special and complete.

pixipop in koffer

Now we something unique, and after some brainstorming came up with travel case. Now we didn’t want anything modern, in fact nothing brand new from the shop either. But something with a life that has potentially seen the whole world. Since fits our figurine, we scoured thrift shops and found this unique travel case to put the figurine in.

Joke was delighted with her own personalised art toy and gave it a special place in her souvenir cabinet. The Traveller is part of Pixipop’s very special gifts. We where to design a Pixipop Art Toy on request or just for the sake of it. 3D printing, post-editing and painting that puts someone in the limelight.

So these pixipops become part of the ever-growing pixipop family and, with any luck, they will appear in other pixipop projects.

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