Personalised 3D printed light sign for Polymaths

3D-printed-lichtbord polymaths

Customised 3D illuminated advertisements are a great way to attract customers’ attention. You can have a 3D light sign customised with your logo, slogan or other information you want people to see when they enter your shop.

A customised 3D printed light sign is a great way for businesses and start-ups to promote their brand. They are also a fun way for children’s birthday parties or wedding receptions.

The light is wirelessly controlled and has a wide range of special and not-so-special effects. It is based on WLED and now we also offer simpler but lesser alternatives that are more user-friendly than WLED. These have slightly fewer options than WLED, so whether the choice is right depends on what you want.

Below, see progression of 3D printing and electronics test process for the light board we made for our friends at polymaths.

Polymaths finally chose this cool pulsing rainbow effect and light grey body.

Also note that we paid a lot of attention in post-processing, i.e. getting rid of layer lines inherent to the 3D printing process and applying a good coat of lacquer.

Polymaths also promised to send video of the light board at their office soon. Now the above is good reprenstance of finished product in action, the final version is of course closed and gets power from the wall as you saw in the thumbnail of this.

3D-printed-lichtbord polymaths

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