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Deals van de dag logo mockup

Brief? Design an urgency radiating brand and website that plays on the Fear of Missing out of FOMO.

Deals of the day is a collection of so-called day deals. Day deals are often very good discounts and deals, but they are only valid for one day. These are some of the biggest online shops with daily deals: Coolblue, Holiday auction, Groupon, which collaborates with deals of the day.

After some brainstorming with the client, the idea of using electricity as a theme emerged. Electricity sparks are also often short-lived, constantly changing and as shockingly good as their deals. Metal and urgency panels were also big inspirations. This is a grip burnout package developed for deals of the day.

Deals van de dag logo mockup

We not only design these, but also interface design, where we were asked to tailor the user experience as much as possible to the purpose of the website.

banner design
Banner Design
Banner Design
Facebookpagina design Deals van de dag
Facebook pagina design
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It had to be particularly clear that how long the deal one was looking at was valid, which of course is usually 1 day. In our layout, we made this clear in several ways.

Screenshot Deals Van De Dag Feed

A timer at the bottom of each page that counts down to the next Deal Explosion. The Deals Explosion is our name for the moment when many deals expire, but also a big new load of deals comes in.

If your deal expires but you wait too long to claim it, you will get a page like this. Unfortunately, you missed out on deals, but there’s nothing you can do about that. The time limit is what deals often make up for. It says you have lost your discount, so we also try to help users avoid this by subscribing to the newsletter, as we have new offers all the time.

vervallen deal

Besides extra attention to urgency, which is of course expected from a website like Deals of the Day. They had an idea for a unique feature that, based on user input, would discover the best deals completely anonymously and without login details and share this knowledge with the group.

For example, each deal has a score. One starts with zero and each unique visit counts as one point, so one visit does not equal good deals when people return from the deals they went to. A good experience gets a +10, a bad -10, and if people respond positively, they can give an extra boost of 100+ points by sharing the deal on Facebook.

If a deal is good enough and accumulates a certain number of points, it is labelled “Supercharged” and turns electric blue. The number of deals that reach this status is meant to be limited and deals can be recharged if others do better.

Visually, this is also represented by the yellow/grey at the bottom of each deal. The ratio of yellow to grey in the deal represents the deal’s “power level”.

Een super charged deal

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