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Deals van de dag logo mockup

Deals of the day is a collection of so-called day deals. Day deals are often very good discounts and deals, but they are only valid for one day.

These are some of the biggest online shops with daily deals: Coolblue, Holiday auction, Groupon, which collaborates with deals of the day.

Pixili does Web design but also offers a complete package of web, branding, 3D and image creation services. Plus we have our own product line Pixipop.

After some brainstorming with the client, the idea of using electricity as a theme emerged. Electricity sparks are also often short-lived, constantly changing and as shockingly good as their deals. Metal and urgency panels were also big inspirations.

Deals van de dag logo mockup

These are few examples of branding package designed for deals of the day.

banner design
Banner Design
Banner Design
Facebook pagina design Deals van de dag
Facebook pagina design
Optin Webdesign

Another important aspect we talk less about in this case is that deals were always broken down into categories. Something that appears very clearly in our branding and on the website. The idea was that each category would serve a particular target group.

This splitting up also happened completely automatically. Since deals naturally change too quickly to do this manually.

We therefore developed a function that sorts deals automatically, based on context, e.g. which webshop the deal comes from. Combined with an organisation dictionary. Compiled by analysing a huge number of products and teaching the computer to classify them.

Screenshot Deals Van De Dag Feed

We also did the interface design, where we were asked to match the user experience as closely as possible to the purpose of the website.

It had to be particularly clear how long the deal the user was viewing was still valid. Which of course is usually 1 day but the start time of that 24 hours could vary from shop to shop. In our layout, we made this clear in several ways.

A timer at the bottom of each page counting down to the next Deal Explosion. The Deal explosion is our name for the moment when many deals expire, but also when a big new load of deals comes in.

If the deal expires and you waited too long to claim it, you get a page like this one.

Unfortunately, you missed the deal. It’s a shame we have to do this but the time limit is what makes the deals so good. We also try to help users avoid this by suggesting subscribing to the newsletter. Since popular deals often come back and the newsletter is sent immediately after the website receives new deals.

vervallen deal

Besides extra attention to urgency. They also had the idea for a unique feature that would discover the best deals based on user input, completely anonymously and without login details, and share this knowledge with everyone.

Each deal has a score and starts from zero. Each unique visit to a deal increases the score by 1 point. Now a visit does not immediately mean that this is a good deal, we know.

That’s why when the user returns from the deal, their experience is asked. A good experience gets a +10, a bad -10, and if people respond extremly positively, they can give an extra boost of 100+ points by sharing the deal on Facebook.

If a deal is good enough and collects a certain number of points, it gets the label of Super Charged and turns electric blue. We also developed an algorithm that ensures that the number of deals that can have this status of super deal is limited.

The algorithm also checks for abuse and when a deal unfairly gets a lot of points in a suspicious way or when other deals suddenly do better. It can lose its status as a super deal and in case of abuse, the score is also corrected.

Een super charged deal

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