Webdesign for a B 'n B in Poperinge - Estate Argiliere

Mockup voor Webdesign voor een Bed and Breakfast uit Poperinge

A web design for a Bed and Breakfast is not the same as designing a website for a large company. This is because the customer’s needs are different. Bed and breakfasts are usually smaller companies that may not have the resources to have an up-to-date website. This makes the website they have unique, while still retaining the basic principles of web design.

The first thing you need to consider is what kind of website this is. Is this a corporate site with a blog? A location-based site? A catalog of products? It is important to analyze that for a web design for a Bed and Breakfast start.

Bed and Breakfast Landgoed Argilière from Poperinge was one of our first customers. This website is between 10 years old. Nevertheless, this is responsive. We had been very much in the fact from the beginning that this was a future, now that everyone has smartphone seems normal. Now when hardly anyone had a smartphone, Adobe Flash was still king website responsive making was also much more work many technologies now simpler making didn’t exist yet.

argiliere screenshot mobiel
argiliere screenshot mobiel
argiliere screenshot mobiel navigatie

Argilière already had a logo, a nice apple. Why an apple is an Argilière apple species that grows on an estate. Not everyone knows it’s a green apple and wanted to make that logo.

We took the green out of the apple color and combined with a tree structure of an apple tree to visually convey the rural character of Bed& Breakfast.

Mockup voor Webdesign voor een Bed and Breakfast uit Poperinge

We also considered functional animation important at the time. so that when scrolling maps fall down with a kind of jojo effect. 2014 was still very much in choice, now less so.since then Studio Pixili has been focusing less on design trends and more on atmosphere and storytelling.

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