Web design for holiday home in Passendale - 't Baertshof

mockup vakantie woning webdesign

When creating a website for a smaller business, such as a holiday home.

We strive to offer as many similar sometimes complex functionalities that you would only expect to find on a large hotel, for example.

We understand that smaller businesses often have the same needs as large enterprises, but not always the same budget.

That’s why websites for these types of clients are affordable but at the same time packed with advanced features

Such as a reservation module, where visitors can plan their visit. And which, after a successful reservation, are permanently added to the public calendar.

A digital guestbook, where people who have stayed in a holiday home can leave a nice message.

A responsive photo gallery with lightbox that makes it easy to swipe through photos.

We also made sure that the website could be multilingual. The website is therefore available in: Dutch, French, English and German

With the possibility of adding additional languages later.

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algemene pagina
algemene pagina

A key target group for the holiday home, are people visiting the Ypres region to commemorate the World War.

We were therefore asked to make the theme of commemorating the World War resistance clearly present.

The font choices draw a line between modern and retro, and the colour palette was inspired, among other things, by the poppy, an iconic symbol of the Ypres region and the World War.

American Red


Dark Silver




Another important aspect that the client wanted to see presented was, the very particular angle of the holiday home’s roof, which gave the building a very distinctive look.

The client was proud of it and wanted to make it an essential part of their brand. So we did just that. By using the corner as a dividing line in the design, that has the same slope as the roof of the holiday home.

mockup vakantie woning webdesign

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